Beaded jewelry – how to make spirals?

Hi, my dear friends!!

Today I decided to tell how to make beaded spirals. There are many types of spirals and I want to stop on some of them.

What you can get, if you follow my patterns:


If you like this bracelet, you may buy it here.

And one more


And another one

So, now some patterns how to make this wonderful bracelets. This is pattern of soft 3-D spiral:

3cefa3a09dc6_11This is pattern of tight 3-D spiral:

d924e1e2461b_11This one is pattern of mosaic 3-D spiral:


You can also play with different size and types of beads (for example, you can combine seed beads and glass long beads or small and big beads). Some more patterns you’ll find in my next posts.
And of course some more offers, where you can find more information and ideas: Beaded Jewelry The Complete Guide and 25 Beaded Knits: Fun Projects and Fashionable Designs to Wear Using Beads, Buttons, and Sequins.

Thank you for visiting my blog !!!

See you soon!!!


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