French contest!!!! Beaded jewelry!!

Hi my dear friends!!!

Today I won’t tell you about beaded patterns or schemes, but I tell you about possibility to take part in beaded contest!!! If you want to try your skills and fantasy, it’s just for you!!

It’s Vermeer’s masterpiece and according to the rules of the contest you must create beaded jewelry for this girl.


Very little is known about Vermeer’s life. Whether the model was a middle class lady in her environment or a servant does not matter.
Let your imagination wander to realize a necklace for her (not a pendant) assorted to her clothes.

For this new challenge, we propose two categories up to your choice:
– Weaving
– Embroidery

For both techniques you will have to use little glass beads or delicas 11/0 and 15/0. You will have the possibility to add to you jewel from one to three cabochons maximum (semi-precious, porcelain or ceramic, fimo, or pearly, exclusively). No ornamental beads, no metal, no cloth, leather, nor alcantara, excepted for the lining of embroidered realizations which will have to be entirely covered with beads and cabochons.

Registrations have to be made until March 31 by email to the attention of Cric ( mentioning you name, first name, pseudo, blog address (if you have one), and the category under which you run the contest.

The sending of photos (maximum 2, on plain background without distinctive sign…) will be made at the same address from May 3 to 8.

The original rules in french you can find here.

So, good luck!!

See you soon!!

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