Beaded jewelry – How to make necklace? or Necklace “Lady Jain”

Hallo my dear friends!!

Now, I’ll tell you about wonderful necklace “Lady Jain”. It consists of different techniques and I’ll try to tell you in detail about all of them.


Let’s start from the base of the necklace. It’s made, using the techniques of Daisy chain, which you can see here.

After that we are going to make the components in the center of the necklace.



Leaves are made as following.

When you’ve made all the components and base, we should gather all the necklace, as you see on this picture. Do the round pendants. To the center component – do the 4 pendants of 15, 28, 40 and 52 beads. To the middle components – do the 3 pendants of 15, 28 and 40 beads.



Finally you get wonderful necklace!!!


The original post you can find here.

Some more tricks about beading techniques you can find BEAD & BUTTON – April 2002 Issue #48 (Beading – Magazine: String an easy crystal necklace, Make 7 fabulous bracelets, Learn the new plaited herringbone stitch, Create a polymer clay egg box, Weave a 3-D hummingbird, Stitch a striking Peyote triple-tube bracelet.)
and Easy Beaded Jewelry: 75+ Stunning Designs.

Good luck!!

See you soon!!


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