Beaded jewelry – Flower on the cito

Maybe it’s not very beading tutorial, but I hope you’ll like it. 🙂

Original of the tutorial is here

So, that’s we’ll have at the end

We’ll need wire and colourful seed beads (in my case I use cut beads, but it doesn’t matter)

Cut wire in 10-15 cm. I took wire of 0,2.

The leaves will be sharp (one bead at the end the leaf). So string 9 beads of one colour and one bead of another (but of course you can make leaf of one colour)

Then we make the sharp end of the leaf. Do the following:

String 8 more beads. The first beaded leaf is almost ready.

Then we should  strand ends of the wire together. So we have such a leaf.

Do so many leaves so holes in leaves in our cito.

Put in one hole one leaf.

Do the same with all leaves.

For another rows we need do the leaves of less beads. So maybe leaves of another rows are of  7, 6 and 5 beads correspondingly.

Usually in the citos there is one central hole. For it I’ve made 5 leaves and put in it all the 5 leaves.

Now we need something to decide with the ends, i.e. they can sting. Do the following:

Now bend all the end, closer to the cito.

And now in order all these ends do not sting, I shut it with another cito.

Two citos are just sewed together.

So, that’s all our flower is ready!

I’ve made a pendant.

Have a good time!


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