Beaded jewelry – pin-hat made of felt

Hi everybody!


So long I haven’t written here! Sorry there was a lot of work, unfortunatelly….

But today I want to suggest to make a pin -hat made of rubber felt and decorated with feathers and some beads.

The original of the tutorial is on my site:

I think it’s understandable without any words 🙂


So, we need the next material:

rubber felt (or the usual felt) of desired color

–  a pin




– threads, needle

Cut these three details of felt.


Take the biggest one and do as you see on a picture



Then take another detail with hole, put them together with the help of glue.

Look at the pictures:



And now take the upper detail and sew all the parts together.

You can take the transparent thread for this.



So our hat is ready:



Now decorate the hat as you like. I decorated with feathers and what we have:



And now put the pin and that’s all!!!!



The original of the tutorial is on my site:

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