Beaded jewelry – Beaded flower :)

And again beaded flower 🙂 The original tutorial is here

I’ve made a brooch for my aunt for her Birthday, I hope she liked it. During making it I have made a step-by-step tutorial, so maybe it’ll be useful for somebody.

So, let’s go! I used seed bead Matsuno of 15 size (you can make petals for one colour of seed bead or you can make like me from 3 collours of seed bead).

We begin our flower from petals. String 3 seed beads and close them into the circle.

String two more beads, as you see on a picture.

Than put the needle through the beads, see the picture

So, continue to string beads due to the mosaic technique

So we have 3 rows of our first petal of our beaded flower.

Than we continue to string due to mosaic, increasing the amount of beads in every row.

In order to make the petals more interesting I took three different colours.All colours I added chaotic.

So we string 11 row in that manner.

Than we string 4 rows without inreasing. After that we begin to decrease amont of beads in every row.

We decrease the amount of beads till in the row we have 5 beads.

Than do the following.

After that we go through the all beads

So the petal is ready!

Make 6 beaded petals

Now do the middle of our flower.

String 12 beads and close them into a circle. After that do the ndebele, string 7 rows.

Now we will gather the flower.

Make a round piece of beads.

We will sew all patels and the middle to this piece. See the pictures


Our flower is ready !!

The original tutorial is here

Beaded jewelry – beaded brooch

Beaded brooch 🙂

Today we’ll make this interesting flower.

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Beaded jewelry – beaded bead!!

Today we’ll make beaded bead 🙂

This beaded bead you can use as a pendant, or make some beaded beads and make beautiful necklace.

So, fow this bead we’ll need glass beads and seed beads.

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Beaded jewellry – Beaded necklace with butterfly

I’ve found such interesting necklace with one element of butterfly.

There are only beaded patterns.

How to make beaded necklace, go further:

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Beaded jewellry – Some simple patterns

Some simple beaded patterns of different interesting beaded necklaces. (Patterns are not my, I’ve taken them somewhere in Internet)

I hope you like them and make some of them.

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Beaded jewelry – Beaded necklace

I like this beaded necklace very much, the pattern is not my. But I like it so much, that I’ve decided to share it with you.

I want to make a step-by-step tutorial, but unfortunately have no time… When I make it, of course I’ll share it also 🙂

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