Beaded jewelry – Beaded clasp!!

I think everybody’s faced with the problem of clasp.  sometimes there is no ready metallic or plastic clasps or maybe they do not suit to the beaded jewelry. So, you can do it by yourself!! I know many of you know how to make this beaded clasp but after all I decided to  give this tutorial on beaded clasp.

The original version of tutorial is here.

So, we’ll get such nice clasp:

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Beaded jewelry – Beaded Jewelry Clasps

Hi, my dear friends!!

I want to stop on some more beaded clasps. The original of tutorial you can see here.

Step 1: Cut a piece of fishing line (around 15 cm, depending on your bead size), string 5 beads and cross the string on the 5th bead and pull to tighten (rep by the red bead). String another 4 beads on one end of the line and cross the string at the last bead. Tighten and string the line near the first bead circle (red) back to the second bead of the first five bead circle.


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