Beaded animals. Come to the beaded zoo!

We continue the topic of different beaded things. We have already made beaded dresses and beaded furniture, beaded things for kitchen, beaded flowers. Today we’ll make beaded animals. I think all moms can make them with their children. Beaded patterns are rather simple.

So, let’s start.

We begin with beaded dog. It consists of separate body and head.

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Beaded things for doll!!

We continue the doll’s topic – everything for doll from beads. But today we won’t bead beaded dresses or beaded furniture, but different other things, that doll may need.

Let’s start with the beaded plate and scheme to it.

It’s made of round seed beads and bugle beads of different colours.

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Beaded miniature furniture

Today I want to draw away from the traditional beaded jewelry and tutorials how to make beaded necklaces or bracelets. I met in the space of Internet very excited souvenirs – doll beaded furniture!!! I was so excited, that i decided to make some items and to share some patterns with you.

So, if someone like it, i’ll be very glad that my work wasn’t vain.

Beaded sofa of different colours with wonderful pillows.

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