Beaded jewelry – beaded flowers

In this post you’ll see how to make beaded flowers. They are not difficult, they are very easy to make. They are good to do with children.

So, I hope someone likes my post.

So, let’s start. The original step-by-step beaded tutorial is here.

Take 5 beads, string them on a wire and twist the wire.

Then string some more beads and again twist the wire, as you see on a picture.

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Beaded jewelry – Beaded flowers

I look ont necklace and Liked it very much. Beaded necklace was made of flowers, rather nice. So here the pattern of the flowers!! But pattern is not mine, though I’ve made a step-by-step tutorials in such flowers – Beaded flowers. I think tutorial is rather detailed and clear ;), I hope.

So the beaded pattern:

Have a good day!!!

Here you find more interesting step-by-step beaded tutorials !

Beaded jewellry – Some more simple beaded patterns (Part III)

And some beaded patterns 🙂

Let’s see

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Beaded jewellry – Some simple beaded patterns

I’ve found some simple, but interesting.

I stress that these beaded patterns are not my, I’ve taken somewhere in Internet. But I’ve decided they are rather interesting and useful for beginners or maybe not only for beginners 🙂

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Beaded jewellry – Beaded necklace with butterfly

I’ve found such interesting necklace with one element of butterfly.

There are only beaded patterns.

How to make beaded necklace, go further:

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Beaded jewellry – Some simple patterns

Some simple beaded patterns of different interesting beaded necklaces. (Patterns are not my, I’ve taken them somewhere in Internet)

I hope you like them and make some of them.

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