Beaded jewelry – Simple beaded pendant

Today we’ll make a simple beaded pendant.  I even think this pattern is for the beginners. But also it’s a good way to make something new and interesting  and to make it quick.

So let’s start. You’ll need big seed beads (or instead you can take just beads) and small seed beads. The beaded pattern is the following. I think everything is clear. If not, write to me and i’ll try to explain.

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Beaded jewelry: Necklace-flowers


Today we’ll make a new beaded necklace. It is very simple, the matter are glass beads. The original tutorial is here.

So, let’s go to the shop, choose beads and seed beads and go on. (I took these ones and

So, we need as I have already said, beads (of two or more or less colours) and seed beads (also of two or more or less colours).

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Beaded jewelry – beaded bracelet!!

We continue our topic of beaded jewelry and how to make beaded jewelry, namely beaded bracelet! The original of this beaded tutorial you’ll find here.

Very often we want to put on something new and interesting, but often we are bored with everything and some interesting beaded necklaces or bracelets are difficult to do and take much time. So,  I offer you some simple but, to my mind, nice beaded bracelet. According to this beaded pattern you also can make necklace or earrings.

So, let’s start.

String 13 beads and one big bead. Close into circle.

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