Beaded jewelry – pin-hat made of felt

Hi everybody!


So long I haven’t written here! Sorry there was a lot of work, unfortunatelly….

But today I want to suggest to make a pin -hat made of rubber felt and decorated with feathers and some beads.

The original of the tutorial is on my site:

I think it’s understandable without any words 🙂


So, we need the next material:

rubber felt (or the usual felt) of desired color

–  a pin




– threads, needle

Cut these three details of felt.


Take the biggest one and do as you see on a picture



Then take another detail with hole, put them together with the help of glue.

Look at the pictures:



And now take the upper detail and sew all the parts together.

You can take the transparent thread for this.



So our hat is ready:



Now decorate the hat as you like. I decorated with feathers and what we have:



And now put the pin and that’s all!!!!



The original of the tutorial is on my site:

Beaded jewellry – Beaded flowers-pendants or a brooch

Here you’ll find some patterns of flowers, which can be used as beaded pendants or beaded brooch, as you like :).

At first I must say they are not my patterns, I just like them and I’ve decided to share them with you.

So, let’s see:

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Beaded jewelry – beaded bracelet!!

We continue our topic of beaded jewelry and how to make beaded jewelry, namely beaded bracelet! The original of this beaded tutorial you’ll find here.

Very often we want to put on something new and interesting, but often we are bored with everything and some interesting beaded necklaces or bracelets are difficult to do and take much time. So,  I offer you some simple but, to my mind, nice beaded bracelet. According to this beaded pattern you also can make necklace or earrings.

So, let’s start.

String 13 beads and one big bead. Close into circle.

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Beaded jewelry – Beaded clasp!!

I think everybody’s faced with the problem of clasp.  sometimes there is no ready metallic or plastic clasps or maybe they do not suit to the beaded jewelry. So, you can do it by yourself!! I know many of you know how to make this beaded clasp but after all I decided to  give this tutorial on beaded clasp.

The original version of tutorial is here.

So, we’ll get such nice clasp:

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Beaded jewelry – Beaded chain to the pendant

Hi, my dear!

Today we’ll find how to make beaded chain for pendant or something like pendant.

In the previous tutorial we made big beaded bead and we need to hang it on something. There are many variants, but I want to suggest one of them.

The original version of this tutorial is here.

The chain is rather simple, but to my mind it’s very nice.


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Beaded jewelry – Beaded necklace with cabochons!!!

Hi my dear!!

Let’s do wonderful necklace!

How to make necklace? Ohh, you need patience, free time, wish and of course beads!!!

Today except beads we need 3 cabochons.

So this necklace we’ll create today:


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