Beaded jewelry – Beaded earrings or Earrings for bellydance

Today we’ll make such interesting laced earrings:

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Beaded jewelry – Beaded chain to the pendant

Hi, my dear!

Today we’ll find how to make beaded chain for pendant or something like pendant.

In the previous tutorial we made big beaded bead and we need to hang it on something. There are many variants, but I want to suggest one of them.

The original version of this tutorial is here.

The chain is rather simple, but to my mind it’s very nice.


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Beaded jewelry – Beaded bead or beaded pendant!!

Today we’ll talk about beaded bead and how to make beaded jewelry from it. This beaded bead can be of different size, but mine is rather big. That’s why it can be used only alone. It’s my opinion :)) But you can do everything, that your fantasy and imagination suggest you.


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Beaded jewelry – Herringbone necklace


I see that many people like herringbone stitch. And i’ve decided to get you scheme of one more beaded necklace made by herringbone (or ndebele) stitch. Early I have already showed you how to make beaded spiral, herringbone  spiral or ndebele spiral. You can see it here. In this beaded necklace we use the same beaded technique, though not in spiral but in flat cloth.

For this necklace you’ll need big beads and beads of small size (№ 10 or 12). Follow the next picture:


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Beaded jewelry – Beaded necklace “Bead in beads”


I’d like to tell you how to make beaded necklace called “Bead in beads”. It’s very original and simple to make.

The original article you can find here.

1. At first let’s make round part of the necklace.


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Beaded jewelry – how to make spiral … clasp?

Hi! my dear friends!!

In this post I’ve decided to gather some images of interesting clasps, maybe they will be useful for you! Here you’ll find another clasp.

So let’s start.

Here some patterns of clasps.


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