Beaded jewelry – How to make necklace? or Necklace “Lady Jain”

Hallo my dear friends!!

Now, I’ll tell you about wonderful necklace “Lady Jain”. It consists of different techniques and I’ll try to tell you in detail about all of them.


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Daisy Chain again – Wonderful Bracelet!!

Hello my dear friends!!

Today you’ll know what you can make from well-known DAISY CHAIN, namely how to make such interesting bracelet.


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Beaded daisy chain

Hello, my dear friends!

Previous post was just introduction into an amazing world of beads!! But today we’re starting our exciting journey.


For the first I suggest to learn some easy patterns and basic techniques (I think it’ll be rather useful for beginners and I hope it’ll be as renewal for advanced learner)  and than step by step we’ll get to more complicated necklaces and bracelets.

Today we’ll learn how to make such a lovely DAISY CHAIN.



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