Beaded jewelry – BIG Beaded Spiral


Today we’ll talk about beaded spirals. I like them very much. They look very smart and unusual, besides the technique is rather simple. From the first sight, of course, it seems rather hard and tangle. But look what I’ve made from one beaded scheme!!


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Beaded jewelry – Beaded spiral curl

Hi again!!

I’ve decided to devote this post how to  make beaded spiral. So many beautiful beaded jewelry can be made from beaded spiral!!


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Beaded jewelry – Beaded necklace “Bead in beads”


I’d like to tell you how to make beaded necklace called “Bead in beads”. It’s very original and simple to make.

The original article you can find here.

1. At first let’s make round part of the necklace.


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Beaded jewelry – Cabochon!!!


Do you like beaded jewelry? What about cabochons in jewelry? Yes? So this post for you!! Today we learn to cover cabochons with beads.

Cabochons may be of different size, form and colour:


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Beaded jewelry – Beaded Herringbone (Ndebele) Spiral

Hi, my dear!!

Today we’ll learn something new. How to make beaded Herringbone or Ndebele spiral, so we’ll learn Herringbone stitch (Cables, Diamonds, & Herringbone: Secrets of Knitting Traditional Fishermen’s Sweaters or ). It’s difficult to make only from the first sight. But little practice and everything will be very nice!! It makes a very sleek beaded cord and looks beautiful by itself or with the addition of a beaded pendant or slider. So good luck!!



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Beaded jewelry – Beautiful Beaded Dutch Spiral

Hi my dear friends!!!

Today we continue to get acquainted with beaded spirals!! So you’ll find how to make dutch beaded spiral!

We will begin by constructing the spiral portion of the necklace. Pick up 1 teal, 2 light blue matte, 1 silver-lined blue, 1 purple, and 2 sapphire satin and tie them in a circle. Continue through the teal bead.


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